Happy Holidays,

This seems to be the year of Christmas Newsletters, but being a non-conformist, I will turn mine into a photo journal since you probably don't have time right now to read long letters anyway.

. All is well with the family. 2004 started with a big snow storm which slowed the city down to a crawl and kept us house bound for a couple of days. In March, I played the role of Granny/Nanny for a few months while Laura was working. When she decided to leave that job, it seemed like a good time to resume my writing, ebay selling, and sewing. She has just started a new Day Care job and Jonathan goes there with her. They moved back across the river this spring and now live in Hillsboro, just 20 minutes away.
Rick works as a volunteer two days a week at a senior center in Hillsboro and gets a kick out of the "old folks" while he helps out with their lunch.
Brad is still taking celebrity photos in Hollywood.
Mother has just completed successful eye surgery and in Oct. she has adopted, Molly, a 7 year old Lhasa Apso Mix to keep her company.

Wishing you and yours
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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