Collection Began ______________________

Have   AH #   Building Name

____AH00 Clara's Bakery Rev
____AH01 Liberty Falls Train Station
____AH02 Duffy's Mill
____AH03 Tully's General Store
_X__AH04 Blue Whale Tavern
____AH05 First Prarie Church
____AH06 Greller's Pharmacy
____AH07 Mayor Johnson's
____AH08 Pewter 8 pc set
____AH09 Pewter 8 pc set
____AH10 Liberty Falls Fire Station
____AH11 Clemen's School
____AH12 Clark, DuBois Bank
____AH13 Stubbs Blacksmith
____AH14 DuBois Mansion
____AH15 Marshal's Office
____AH16 Pony Express Station
____AH17 First Prairie Church (revised)
____AH18 Fire Engine 5 pc pewter set
____AH19 Pony Express 5 pc pewter
____AH20 First Congrega Church
____AH21 Liberty Falls Train Station (rev
____AH22 Tully's General Store (revised)
____AH23 Duffy's Mill (revised)
____AH24 Applegate's Boardinghouse
____AH25 Gold King Mines
____AH26 Liberty Falls Opera House
____AH27 Greller's Pharmacy (revised)
____AH28 Gold Nugget Tavern
____AH29 First Congregational Church reissued
____AH30 Train 5 pc pewter set '93
____AH31 6 pc pewter figurine set '93
____AH33 Daily News Office & Plant '93
____AH34 Liberty Falls Courthouse '93
____AH35 Ross Bros. Clothiers '93
____AH36 Cox's Furniture & Undertakers
____AH37 Dr. Stevens Home & Office '93
____AH38 Cox Furniture/Undertakers revised
____AH39 Liberty Falls Courthouse revised
____AH40 Clark Mansion '94
___*AH41 Clara's Bakery
____AH41 Swanson's Feed '94
____AH42 Wooden Nickel Inn '94
____AH43 Daily News Office & Plant revised
____AH44 Old Homestead Restaurant'94
___*AH45 Train 5 pc pewter set (rare)
____AH45 Rev. Watkins House '94
____AH46 First Prairie Church (reissue)
____AH47 Dr's Carriage 5 pc pewter
____AH48 Stagecoach 5 pc pewter set '94
____AH49 6 Evergreen trees '94
____AH50 Park Bench, sign & 4 lights
____AH51 Horses, footbridge, 3 mailboxes
____AH52 Hand Pump, Cow, 2-Benches,Flag Pole
____AH53 City Hall (green brick) '94
____AH54 Albert Buck Law Offices '94
____AH55 Tully House '94
____AH56 Land Surveyors & Assay Office
____AH57 Ausberg's Brewery '94
____AH58 Library & Reading Room
____AH59 Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe '94
____AH60 Muriel Phillips Piano School
____AH61 Gunsmith Shop '94
____AH62 Liberty Falls Fire Station reissued
____AH63 Clemen's School (revised)
____AH64 Stubbs Blacksmith (revised)
____AH65 Clark, DuBois Bank & Mint revised
____AH66 Marshal's Office (revised)
____AH67 DuBois Mansion (revised)
____AH68 Pony Express Station
____AH69 Mayor Johnson's Home
____AH70 First Prairie Church
____AH71 Ausberg's 5 pc pewter set
____AH72 Tully's Wagon 5 pc pewter
____AH73/74 not used
____AH75 Life & Times of Liberty Falls"
____AH76-79 not used
____AH80 Ausberg's Brewery
____AH81 Ross Bros. Clothiers
____AH82 Library & Reading Room
____AH83 Land Surveyors & Assay Office
____AH84 City Hall (red-revised) '95
____AH85 Albert Buck Law Offices
____AH86 Muriel Phillips Piano School
____AH87 Tully House (reissue) '95
____AH88 Trinity Church '95
____AH89 Pacific & Mountain Telegraph
____AH90 Port Clinton Jewelers & Opticians
____AH91 Wilson Ranch House '95
____AH92 Boots & Shoes Store '95
____AH93 Liberty Falls Laundry '95
____AH94 Lucky's Billiard Hall '95
____AH95 Pacific & Mt. Stagecoach Station
____AH96 Fannie's Ice Cream Parlor '95
____AH97 Gunsmith Shop (revised)
____AH98 Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe(revised)
____AH98 Population road sign '94
____AH99 Bandstand
____AH100 Red Rudder Antiques '96
____AH101 Timberline Lumber '96
____AH102 Cluny & Cluny Real Estat
_X__AH103 Howard's Hardware '96
_X__AH104 Bergman's Clock Shop '96
_X__AH105 Governor's Mansion '96
_X__AH106 The Palace Dance Hall &
____AH107 Liberty Falls Post Office '96
____AH108 Pioneer's Church '96
____AH109 Timber wagon 5 pc pewter
____AH110 Pioneer wagon 5 pc pewter
____AH111 Community Christmas Tree
___*AH112 Liberty Falls Skating Pond        
____AH112 Liberty Falls Middle School
____AH113 Alexander Mansion '96
____AH114 Frontier Card Parlor '96
____AH115 Emma's Family Restaurant
____AH116 Johnson Farmhouse '96
____AH117 Red Crown Barn '96
____AH118 Liberty Falls Historical Society
____AH119 Friends Community Church
____AH120 Palace Dance Hall Saloon
____AH121-124 (not used)
_X__AH125 Liberty Falls Wishing Well
_X__AH126 Aunt Alice's Quilt Shop
_X__AH127 Susan's Hat Shop
_X__AH128 Handy Andy Malloy's House
_X__AH129 Pastor George Kendall's Parsonage  
_X__AH130 B.Cummings Signmaker  
_X__AH131 Berghoff Butcher Shop  
_X__AH132 Ladies Temperance Society  
_X__AH133 Trapper "Big Mike's"Cabin
_X__AH134 Church Of The Epiphany
____AH135 Pewters, Dr. Wilson, Cummings, Bicycle,H.Shaw Cowboy "Clem" '97
____AH136 Pewters, Big Mike, Auto, Handy Andy, Amelia/Delbert Abbot
____AH137 Dr. Wilson's Dentist Office
____AH138 Carriage & Wagon Works
____AH139 Ross Family House  
____AH140 Owen Conkling's Books & stationery
____AH141 Gold Mine Stock Exchange
____AH142 Vedder House  
____AH143 Prospector's Cabin  
____AH144 St. Paul's United Church  
____AH145 Farmer Wilson's Windmill
____AH146 Swimming Hole
____AH147 Liberty Falls Scenic Overlook
____AH148 Perfect Day for a Picnic
____AH149 Circus Big Top  
____AH150 General Miles Mem. Park
____AH151 The Wedding Portrait
____AH222 Clock Tower/Civic Center
____AH300 Liberty Falls Playground
____AH333 Liberty Falls Bell Tower
____AH ??  
____AH400 Sledding Party
____AH444 Liberty Falls Carousel
____Wedding Party

NOTE: The dates listed are the year they were sold, not the copyright date on the box. AH numbers marked with an "*" indicate that this number has been used twice. The reasoning for this has not been explained by the company at this time. CHECKLIST February 25, 1998

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