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" Trouble "

6 / 15 / 82 --- 5 / 3 / 98

Trouble, loyal companion, beautiful blue eyes, always smiling,

born, grew up, lived and passed away in and near my own bedroom.

She knew when we needed comfort and came to lapsit. Her purr was warm

and loving and her survival for the past 16 years was amazing.

She was the only member of her litter to survive and during her life had

and caused her share of Trouble.

She was brave, loyal, sweet, sensitive and will be truly missed.

Thank you for being a part of our lives, gray and white, blue eyed

angel cat. We will not forget you.

Martha,(she cared for you, rescued you, loved you, shared space with you,

Brad,(he taught you your colors), Rick, (you lived with him and accidently fell

twice off of his deck three floorsup), Laura, (she dressed you in doll clothes

and carried you around on her head), and John.